Taski Intellibot Floor Machine




Intellibot Robotics

Hands-Free Cleaning.


How It Works

Hands-Free Operation

An Intellibot machine establishes its floor-cleaning parameters for each shift then moves from area to area without manual intervention.

Eco-Friendly Operation
Eco Save™ advanced purification and recylcling system uses 15 gallons of water per shift. That means less water use, less cleaning solution, and 85% less wastewater going down the drain.

Intelli-Trak™ Monitoring
Operational data is saved and compiled into a report that is sent to our servers. Our customers log in to access daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Save Labor Costs
While Itellibot machines clean the floors, your staff can be reassigned to work on higher-level projects, dramatically reducing your floor care costs.

Double Productivity Boost
Hands-free cleaning® is a staff multiplier. With the push of a button the operator can move on to other cleaning tasks while the machine continues to clean the floor. Also, remote monitoring helps you keep better track of daily operations so you can optimize. And lastly, wireless diagnostics and repairs significantly reduce down time and get your machines back in action faster.