Rubbermaid Maximizer Mop





Rubbermaid Maximizer Mop

A Better Mop

30% More Floor Coverage.
The Maximizer Mop's unique design delivers the industry-leading mop spread, allowing it to provide 30% more floor coverage than the standard wet mop. By allowing your staff to clean floors faster, the Maximizer delivers improved productivity, providing your team with more time to focus on the additional tasks of the job.

25% Less Weight.
The Maximizer delivers the maximum floor coverage at an optimal weight. When wrung out the maximizer mop wieghs 25% less than the standard mop - which helps to alleviate exertion due to mopping's repetitve and physical requirements.

A Blend for Maximum Effectiveness.
The unique Maximizer Blend delivers the highest absorbency ratio of any mop in its class. Absorbs up to 3X as much as cotton. Industry leading durability, developed to withstand up to 50 commercial laundering cycles. Also available in shrinkless, prelaundered versions as well as a microfiber blend.