An Inside Look: Environmental Hygiene Seminar

Managing the balance between cost, capability, and infection control can be difficult. Are you using the right solution for your facility?

Housekeeping and facility maintenance staff have become the front line to infection prevention and control among visitors of your facility. Microorganisms are changing and so should our cleaning protocols. With the proper products and staff education, you can make your organization a safer, healthier environment.

During our Environmental Hygiene Seminar presented by Diversey Sealed Air, you will learn how to evaluate different disinfectants and cleaners; finding an appropriate, most cost-effective and safe solution capable of inactivating microorganisms of concern, and break the chain of infection. 

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New Brighton Location - September 11th, 2014

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The show runs from 9:00AM to 2:00PM

The Dalco Difference, Seminar 1  |  9:30AM
Learn how to take advantage of Dalco's services & programs that will save you time & money.
Environmental Hygiene, Seminar 2  |  10:45AM
Learn about barriers to effective cleaning as well as the procedures to get passed them.
Industry Innovation, Seminar 3  |  12:45PM
Learn about the newest innovations in cleaning and equipment from our manufacturers. 

September 2014

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