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Morgro Ice Melt

Are you ready for Winter weather?

The industry standard in melting ice & snow! View our video to find out why Morgro ice melt products work as well as they do.  


Snow Plow Ice Melt

50lb Bag | 513006

Outperforms Competition
Most competitors ice melt is a bag of mixed granules. Not Sno-Plow™ ice melt. Each individual granule is coated with Liqui-Fire™ melting enhancer, allowing each granule to work individually for maximum performance. Because of this, if used according to label directions, you will use less product per square foot with more effect than most other ice melters.

Non-toxic and Safe
Sno-Plow™ contains no dangerous chemicals and is less toxic than baking soda. Safe for children and pets. Safe for trees, shrubs, lawns and other vegetation. Safe for carpets, floors and concrete when used according to the label directions. Liqui-Fire™ also contains an anti-corrosion chemical to help fight corrosion of exposed metals.

Works 3X Faster
Liqui-Fire™ effectively lowers the working temperature range of Sno-Plow™ allowing it to work up to 3 times faster than ordinary ice melters. The Liqui-Fire™ in Sno-Plow™ has a maximum freezing point of -27°F (-32°C). Starts working on contact!


Ice Fighter Plus Ice Melt

50lb Bag | 155032


Ice Fighter Plus® melts more ice per unit of weight than any other ice melter. Infact 20% more than pelleted calcium chloride and 48% more than flaked calcium chloride.


Ice Fighter Plus® when used as directed is not toxic to plant life, trees, shrubs and lawns.

Less Foot Tracking

Because Ice Fighter Plus® requires the use of less product and reacts quickly and efficiently, the possibility of tracking is greatly minimized when compared to ordinary de-icing products.

Low Melting Point
Ice Fighter Plus® has a much lower melting temperature than other calcium chloride melters. If other melters want to match it they would need a much higher appliction rate (which is 6 times over the recommended rate) that will in turn become damaging to plant life, increase tracking, and will not be economical for any facility.

The Concrete Solution
Throughout the Winters you may have noticed damage occuring to your outdoor concrete. This is caused not directly from the ice melters you use during the season but by the excess water they create by melting ice. Concrete is a porous material and can abosrb 10% or more liquid by volume. This liquid will then refreeze and cause added pressure and stress on your concrete eventually causing damage. Although other ice melters chemically do not harm concrete, they do nothing to protect the concrete from the main cause of damage - freezing water.

Only Ice Fighter Plus® with it's patented additive Propolyice, combines with melted water to form a polymer barrier which reduces the amount of liquid entering into the pores of your concrete. With less liquid being absorbed, freezing temperatures do not exert as much pressure on the concrete which reduces damage by 80%.