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SCOTT 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray

Most surface disinfectants work for the moment. But germs can be quickly rintroduced just by touching and handling the surface again. New SCOTT® 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray kills 99.9% of bacteria for 24 hours even after multiple touches.

LiveWell & Prosper

The LiveWell System is perfect for high-traffic venues where germ-anxious patrons can feel uncomfortable. It empowers you to give your guests a greater peace of mind. This can result in greater guest satisfaction and, ultimately, more revenue. A small investment that can yield big returns.

Germ Hot Spots in Your Office

Research shows that germ "hot spots" typically harbor the greatest number of germs. The Healthy Workplace Project educates and ecourages employees to Wash, Wipe, Sanitize to help break the chain of germ transmission.

Click here to identify the key areas of germ transmission and solutions for each situation.

Why The Healthy Schools Project Works

Simple to implement
- With unique materials and product solutions for K-5, middle school, high school and university campuses.
Easy and engaging - It's based on a simple protocol of "Wash, Wipe and Sanitize," reinforced by on-site communications materials.
Easy to fund - With most or all of its implementation covered by existing facility supply funds. 

What's Your Germ Personality?

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Click the image to the right to take the germ personality quiz. Find out where you land on the germ personality scale.