Dalco dedicates 2012 on arming its customers with knowledge on how to lead healthier lives.  Throughout the year, Dalco will focus on various aspects of wellness, be it environmental wellness, healthy measures in your facility, eating better, or choosing safer products with which to clean.  A 360 degree approach including training seminars and online video conferencing, all connected to Wellness!  Prepare yourself and your facility to get in shape in 2012!


Depending on your occupation and area of the country in which you live, you may be asking the same question… C-WHAT?  More and more we see mainstream media reporting on the rise of HCAI (Health Care Acquired Infections).  A recent report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) revealed that the fatality rate of HCAI is climbing exponentially.  And while the focus seems to be on Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, more and more studies indicate that Infectious Agents can and do strike anywhere. An article posted by blogger Jennifer LaRue Huget from the Washington Post describes the rise of C-diff in terms of "Historical High" and brings additional light to the subject.  Read more...

Dalco Announces Vendor of the Year


In the JanSan world, strong relationships between a distributor and the manufacturer reps are critical to the success and growth of both parties.   It takes knowledgeable reps and trust.  It takes being available to help customers discover solutions. Being one of the largest JanSan Distributors in the Midwest, Dalco Enterprises understands and lives this reality.  Once a year, Dalco selects a Vendor who has consistently performed above and beyond the normal.  Read More...


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Q. "I am a contract cleaner who cleans for a long-term health care facility.  What would you suggest to be the best way to eliminate urine odor from carpeted areas?

Answer By Mike Tarvin, Multi-Clean

Removing Urine Odors from Carpet
A persistent problem for carpet cleaners is removing the urine odor smell resulting from human or pet accidents on carpet.  The foul smell that we often associate with urine residue itself is bacteria that are feeding on the urine residue.  Read More...

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