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If you haven't already noticed, Dalco now has a blog! We have always said, we are dedicated to providing our customers with information on how to lead healthier lives in and outside of the workplace.  Throughout this past year, Dalco has focused on showing our customers the difference we can make in every facility. We want to continue this mission by making our industry knowlege and the knowledge of our expert partners more accessible to you.

With our new blog we will discuss various aspects of wellness, be it environmental wellness, healthy measures in your facility, or choosing safer products with which to clean. We also will provide answers to frequently asked questions, facility maintenance procedures and best practices, as well as trending industry topics that are relevant and will help you succeed and shine on the job. 

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Dalco's Recent Blog Posts

Cleaning as an Investment - Not a Cost

Cleaning Investment.jpg

Three key benefits of investing in cleaning that can increase your business' bottom line.

Budgets have been tightening across most industries, but universally employees that work within facility maintenance witness this more than most because cleaning tends to be the first budget affected. With a growing social need for cleanliness, it can be hard to accommodate this call for a higher quality of work while companies are continuously reducing the time and funding allocated to these tasks.

So how do we combat this? By teaching the ability to quantify and communicate the unidentified returns facility maintenance brings to every company's bottom line. 

It's time to stop thinking of cleaning as an expense and begin to think of it as an investment. 

Continue reading to learn how investing in your cleaning program will not only increase your bottom line but will also decrease your once thought unavoidable facilities personel costs. 

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360 Degrees of Customer Support from Dalco

Trade show collage.jpg

A follow up of Dalco's final trade show of the year.

On behalf of our entire staff at Dalco Enterprises, we'd like to extend our gratitude to our customers and vendors for participating in our Customer Appreciation and Vendor Exposition events all year.

In September, Dalco hosted our final trade show of the year. Once again, this grand finale brought together hundreds of customers and vendors to meet and greet as well as to share industry trends, discuss facility solutions and participate in educational seminars. We truly appreciate the trust you have placed with us and will continue to strive to be different from all of your other vendor partners: to bring you innovation, to provide you with solutions, to help protect your budget with programs and products that meet your needs and help make you shine. Our 2014 goal was to help you "rediscover" The Dalco Difference.

Continue reading for an inside look of our September trade show. Hear about our educational seminars, our new expanded show floor, and Dalco's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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October 2014

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