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Proworks® Glove Solutions

Hand Protection You Can Count On.

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Disposable Glove Options:


Nitrile Gloves

Versatile synthetic copolymer used to make gloves. Ideal for stripping and degreasing, chemical washing and is resistant to animal fats and vegetable oils. Nitrile is latex free, avoiding common skin allergies. These gloves are very strong and offer high protection. Being resistant to tears and punctures they do not break easily. Glove will conform to the shape of the hand, resulting in a tighter fit.

Industry Use: Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare, Dental, EMS, Tattoo Parlors, Janitorial, Food Service

Vinyl Gloves

Uses a synthetic thermoplastic polymer which gives excellent resistance to some acids, fats and petroleum hydrocarbons. Excellent for food service applications. Comfortable due to looser fit that does not constrict the hand. Loose fit results in less dexterity and lower protection. Use in lower risk situations because of possible breaks with extended or rigorous use.

Industry Use: Food Service, Education, Aviation, Janitorial, Healthcare, Dental

Latex Gloves

Provides excellent hand protection with a good grip. Very durable glove with a low leakage rate. Comfortable fit due to the elasticity of natural rubber, soft to the touch with snap back qualities. Does not hold up well in organic solvents, oils, greases or fuels such as kerosene or gasoline.

Industry Use: Medical, Healthcare, Dental, EMS, Salons, Automotive, Janitorial, Food Service 


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