Dalco Brand Carpet Care


3-in-1 Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner
Satellite is a multi-functional cleaner fortified with enzyme-producing microbes to counteract malodors in carpets. Extract with Satellite to deep clean carpets and release the bio-enzymatic action to treat common odors caused by sweat, pets, urine, bodily fluids, food, dairy and proteins. Satellite is solvent fortified for use as a traffic lane pre-spray and as a stain remover.

Item No. 038853
4 x 1 gallon case
Dalco Meteor 3 in 1 Carpet Spotter


Heavy Duty Pre-spray

Laser is a solvent-fortified traffic lane pre-spray designed to penetrate and break up stubborn soils in carpet prior to hot water extraction. Using Laser in heavy traffic lanes will improve the performance of the extraction process. Laser can also be used for Spin Bonnet Cleaning of carpet and stain removal of greasy stains.

Item No. 004155
4 x 1 gallon case

Dalco Orbit Extraction Rinse


Extraction Cleaner
Highly concentrated for economical—but effective—use in all types of water extraction carpet cleaning equipment. Particularly suited for use with an automatic carpet scrubber. Will not clog spray jets or otherwise interfere with equipment operation. Safe for use on most carpets, including stain-resistant nylon.

Item No. 004166
4 x 1 gallon case


Deluxe Defoamer
A silicone-based defoamer formulated to effectively control foam generated during carpet extraction cleaning. Should only be used in the recovery systems of the machines. With a wand-type pickup, a small amount of Astro can be pulled into the machine to control foam throughout the sytem.

Item No. 004565
4 x 1 gallon case


3-in-1 Carpet Spotter
Meteor is a bio-enzymatic spotter containing a special odor counteractant and soil repellent, designed to remove spots and odors resulting from organic type stains such as urine, sweat, feces, bodily fluids, foods, dairy, and proteins. The special soil repellent helps prevent re-soiling.

Item No. 004254
12 x 1 quart case


Encapsulation Cleaner
ECAP is a low-moisture, encapsulating cleaner for interim cleaning of carpets. The product contains a fast-drying crystalline polymer which surrounds dirt and detergent residues that are easily vacuumed away. Fortified with cleaning agents and the deodorizing power of hydrogen peroxide, ECAP leaves carpets smelling fresh and free of residue. Dries in less than one hour for fast turnaround.

Item No. 038852
4 x 1 gallon case


Neutralizing Fiber Rinse
Orbit is a fiber rinse for use on all types of carpet. The product neutralizes alkalinity and removes hard water deposits and detergent residues. Carpets are left clean and soft. Orbit helps to stabilize dyes, remove browning and inhibit further browning. Orbit can also remove ice melt residue that has been tracked onto carpet.

Item No. 004164
4 x 1 gallon case


Beverage Stain Remover
O-Force Ready is a hydrogen-peroxide-fortified spotter designed to remove all types of spots and stains caused by beverage spills. O-Force Ready helps power out stains caused by coffee, tea, colas, sports drinks, beer, wine and alcoholic beverages. The natural bleaching action of peroxide helps remove stains and is safe for all types of carpet.

Item No. 038851
12 x 1 quart case

Ice Kleen

Hard Water Residue Remover

Eliminates dulling, discoloring and hazing so floor finishes look better and last longer. Removes spots and ice melt residue from carpet.

Item No. 018020
4 x 1 gallon case


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